Saturday, April 5, 2014

Portrait Photography by Martin Usborne

Posted by magz on 8:19 PM

Martin Usborne is a London-based photographer who specialises in portrait photography. He does work for private commissions, magazines, events and fashion, including children’s fashion. Martin’s work has also been exhibited and sold in a number of photography exhibitions.

He started his photographic career after a number of years working as a creative director in children's TV (which included dressing up as a furry white alien). Before that he studied psychology at Edinburgh University and then animation at Glasgow School of Art.

Martin Usborne thinks there is something magical about looking through the lens and capturing a bit of the world. 'You see an interesting array of shapes - people passing in front of a strangely coloured wall and -click- its yours forever. Its so easy it shouldn't be allowed'.

When Martin isn't photographing he is either rockclimbing (he is too heavy to pull himself up), meditating (he can't do the full lotus because he has bad knees) or he is writing his novel (he is stuck on chapter 3 - not having finished Ch.s 1 or 2).

If you care to know more about Martin's work then please go to the portfolio section and look at the 'projects' link. If you are interested in Martin's meandering thoughts you might enjoy the blog and for information on upcoming exhibitions keep an eye on the news section on the front page.