Monday, May 12, 2014

Photography by Jared Buckhiester

Posted by magz on 10:30 AM

Realism intersects with Symbolism in the work of Jared Buckhiester. Gifted with a strong visual memory, Buckhiester is able to revive a very specific atmosphere from his youth. He does so through imagery that reflects bizarre and powerful visions of intimacy, vulnerability and menace.

Jared Buckhiester is an artist who draws, photographs and makes t-shirts. His art tells a dark and homoerotic story of boyhood grapplings with sexuality. While the imagery on the T-shirts is not as explicit, the theme is still there. All designs are printed in limited editions on 100% cotton, hand dyed Ts. $84 on his site, or at Nom de Guerre in NYC.

Much in the tradition of the classical draftsman, subjects such as landscapes and interiors are re-visited, be it with a twist. Buckhiester's patiently rendered drawings of sensitive landscapes, and fantastic scenes that teem with teenage outcasts, are infused with deep spiritual feeling. Highly individualized motifs such as lonely houses in the middle of nowhere and Deep South subrban misfits form just some of the structures through which his work addresses social and moral cosciousness.