Friday, August 8, 2014

Glamour Portraits by Tyler William Parker

Posted by magz on 4:21 PM

It was at a young age that Tyler William Parker culled the enthusiasm to capture images as they came into his focus. Parker received his first camera, a standard point and shoot, from his parents, as they embarked on various travels. It was these first days with his camera that disclosed to Parker the magnitudinal importance of the quickness of a photographer's eye, ready and trained to at any given moment capture a fleeting image.

Today, Parker shoots with that focused eye. His technique is formally trained, but the kaleidoscope of Parker’s work is gifted with a consciousness that shields it from the force of trends or taught techniques. He shoots with a parochial tightness around his subject, whilst bringing forth a saccharine sweetness and nail biting grit. Plainly, he captures it all.

Parker’s first passion and focus is fashion photography. He uses a combination of abundant technical prowess and interview type questions, driving a narrative that focuses on bringing to life the spirit of the subject. His technique ensures a clear picture, bold prints, and crisp lines that convey mood, while also highlighting the fall and construction of a garment and the individuality of the model. He captures the who and the what, as both individual and cohabitating elements in the print. There is space and time in each photo, and he works to elevate ordinary moments through strategic use of lighting, bringing forth his own soul and artistic sensibilities.

Parker’s photographic abilities extend far beyond fashion, diving into abstract and graphic art, and creative yet concise product shots that allow his clients to sell their products easily and fashionably. His work has been featured in magazines such as Elle, Creative, Signature LA Direct, Mann, People, Cliq, Intandem, Pilot, 6 Degrees, Nylon, The National Post, Marie Claire, LA Times, C Magazine, Town & Country, Plan B, and BPM. Additionally, Tyler has worked alongside such talents as Alex Prager, whose work remains one of his personal inspirations.